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LoanPro is integrated with Solutions By Text (SBT) to make it possible to send text messages through our software.  Because of the restrictions on sending unsolicited text messages, it is important to note that a phone number will have to be registered (message sent and confirmed) in order to send texts.  You also aren’t able to send a freely written message.  Text message templates can be set up with SBT and you can add as many templates to your library as you want, but you can’t simply type out a text and send it to your customers.

To sign up for SBT go to and enter LOANPRO as the promo code. This is the easiest way to sign up and to get the pricing we negotiated.


Solutions By Text is an add-on product, which means you may not have access to it within your company.  To check this, you can always navigate to Settings > Company > Plugins > Solutions By Text (SBT) to see if you get a page with a message telling you that the subscription is not enabled.

Solutions By Text

If this is the case click Store, which will take you to the LoanPro store where you can buy this product.  You will only purchase the LoanPro functionality when you buy this store product, so you will still need to contact Solutions By Text to get an account with them.

Once you have an account and have purchased the store product, navigate to Settings > Company > Plugins > Solutions By Text (SBT) to enter your credentials.

Solutions By Text

To enter your credentials, click  Edit.

Solutions By Text Credentials

These things should be provided to you by Solutions By Text except for the SBT Environment setting.  This setting lets you choose whether you will be using your live account inside LoanPro, or an SBT sandbox account.  Once you’ve entered all your credentials, click  Save.  Now you are free to send text messages to your customers.


It is important to know that when a customer is set up with Solutions By Text, anything they send to your company short code will be lost until an initial message is sent through LoanPro. That means that if you have never sent anything to the customer, there is no way for Solutions By Text to know which customer they are inside of LoanPro. Consequently, all messages they send at that point will be lost and not recoverable.



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