Scheduled Payments Report


The scheduled payments report is designed to show information about scheduled payments on loans within your company. Scheduled payments are not payments that were made on a loan, but simply payments that were scheduled. This report is typically used to look at the amount that was scheduled to be collected over a date range vs the amount that was actually collected. This comparison will help assess how effective your collections are.

This report will let you view payments over a specified date range.

How To

To run this report, first specify the date range over which you would like to view scheduled payments.

You can do this by selection a range from the drop-down, or you can manually enter the date range by clicking in the date range field and using the date picker. Once you’ve selected a date range, click  to run the search.

Once the search has run, you can use the Data Options drop-down to export the results. Any of the payments in the report can be clicked, which will take you to the loan where the payment is scheduled.


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