Mail House Tool


The mail-house tool lets you send mailers from LoanPro Software to your customers.

How To

To add customers as mail-house recipients, navigate to the Loan Manager and either select individual loans or a group of loans that you want to send to the mail-house tool. To send an individual loan, click  to the left of the loan listing. To select a group of loans, search for those loans and then use the Data Options drop-down to send them to the mail-house tool.

Now, navigate to the mail-house tool by going to Tools > Customer Communication > Mail House.

You should see a note telling you how many loans are ready to be sent to the mail-house service. Click Click here to send them on.

Choose which mail house template you want to use from the “Template” drop-down. Make sure the Name, From, and Sent To information is correct and click  SUBMIT . Your mailer will be sent.

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