Event Based Notifications – Webhooks


Webhooks make it possible to send information to any URL. Event-based webhooks let you send information every time one of the LoanPro events occurs. This is most used to notify applications programmed by customers when events occur in LoanPro.

Setting Up a Webhook

To set up a webhook, navigate to Settings > Company > Notifications > Event Based Notifications.

Click   to the right of the event for which you want to set up the webhook.

Make sure you are on the Webhook tab and that the webhook is enabled. Enter the URL you want to call into the “Callback URL” field.

If you want to restrict which loans can trigger this webhook, use the options in the “Restrictions” section to narrow which loans can trigger it.

Finally, enter the variables that will be sent to your chosen URL when the event occurs. Click HELP VARIABLES to search the available variables. Note that you will only need to enter the variable names (e.g. status-amount-due) and the listed variables should be separated by commas. When you are done, click  SAVE .

Webhook.site is a great resource for testing webhook functionality.


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