API – Customer-Facing Website Dedicated Login Page


Through the API you can easily create a dedicated login page or add a login are to an existing website. To view a Plunkr example, click here.

How To

To log the user into the customer-facing website, first send the user credentials to the following endpoint: /api/public/api/1/tenants(1)/customers/authenticate
The payload should look something like this:

     username: _username,
     password: _password

LoanPro will respond with the following payload:

  "d": {
    "id": "1",
    "type": "customer.type.individual",
    "name": "John Kennedy",
    "sessionId": "jg0m2sls65lm58FdrR5q3sb625",
    "postLoginPage": "postLogin.php?u=eyJpZCI6IjEiLCJ0eXBlIjoi58efTE4d8udHlwZS5pbmRpdmlkdWFsIiwibmFtZSI6Im9zY2FyIEY0IEtlbm5lZHkiLCJzZXNzaW9uSWQiOiJqZzBtMnNsczY1bG0waHRzN2I3cTNzYjYyNSJ9"

You must then redirect the user to the customer-facing website by creating a URL using the postLoginPage URL added to the base URL for your customer-facing website. If the base URL for your customer-facing website is yourcompany.loanpro.software, the URL will look something like this: yourcompany.loanpro.software/postLogin.php?u=eyJpZCI6IjEiLCJ0eXBlIjoi58efTE4d8udHlwZS5pbmRpdmlkdWFsIiwibmFtZSI6Im9zY2FyIEY0IEtlbm5lZHkiLCJzZXNzaW9uSWQiOiJqZzBtMnNsczY1bG0waHRzN2I3cTNzYjYyNSJ9.

Redirecting the user to this URL will take them to the post-login view of the customer-facing website.

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