Offline NACHA Payment Processing Workflow

General Often clients want to create and submit NACHA files to their banks themselves, instead of using PCI-Wallet. The reasons for doing this will vary, but they include retaining control of payment processing in-house, settling transactions to different bank accounts, or the need for specific information in the NACHA file […]

Using Multiple Payment Processors

LoanPro Software is linked to PCI Wallet for everything related to payment processing directly. This allows for PCI compliance, other security measures, centralization of payments, as well as for maximum flexibility in payment processing rules. PCI Wallet allows for multiple processors to be configured per Grouping. (group) Credit/Debit Card Processing […]

Human Activity

Human Activity Date LoanPro Software records in the Loan Archive a value of “Human Activity”. This is the most recent date as of the quoted date that activity has been done on the account, excluding activities performed by LoanPro Software. The purpose of this value is for easy tracking of accounts […]

Daily Maintenance Process

General There are several processes that run on each live loan each day.  This includes things like calculating accrued interest, updating rules applied, adding automatic late fees, adding recurring fees, generating scheduled reports, sending automatic emails, etc.   Each night at midnight (based on the company timezone setting) LoanPro will run the following […]


General While APR does stand for annual percentage rate, it can mean different things in different circumstances. Some people think that APR only means the annual interest rate charged on a loan, while others know it to be a calculated value that is disclosed with the loan numbers. This article […]

Working with Custom Forms in the API

Question: How do I pull a custom form using the LoanPro API? Answer: If you are wanting to pull a custom form from the Software directly in the API & do something with it on your side, this article will help you understand how that works. The process for generating a […]

Template Tips & Tricks

LoanPro Template Tips and Tricks LoanPro lets you use many values as variables.  These variables can be used in lots of places inside the system including: email messages, custom forms, computation fields, rules, etc.  Most of the variables are straightforward in their usage, but some are less intuitive.  When you […]

Customer Phone Number

General LoanPro Software gives you a lot of tools associated to a customer phone number. These tools can be used on the Contact & Personal Information of a customer file or while editing the customer file. Phone Type – When creating a phone number you can designate the type of phone. The following options are […]

OFAC Compliance Test

General As a lender in the United States there are many regulations and statutes that you must comply with. One of those is not doing business with specially designated nationals (SDN). The SDN list is compiled by the United States Department of Treasury. Here is a little bit of a background on Office of […]

Contact & Personal Information

General The contact and personal information section of a customer’s file is broken into four tabs: Summary, Contact Information, Additional Information, and History. This article will cover the Summary tab in detail and how to edit the contact and personal information. Summary There are several sections to the summary including: […]