Create a Promise

General The promise functionality in LoanPro is designed to help you keep track of what your customers tell you they will do. This information is then made available inside of each account and in aggregate in the promises report. How To To create a promise, navigate to Servicing > Promises inside […]

Delinquency Report – Loan

General The delinquency report inside a loan is designed to give you a comprehensive view of that loan’s delinquency. In the left column, you get the following information: Amount Due – This is the amount that has come due on the loan that hasn’t been paid. Click  to see how this […]

Available Variables

General LoanPro provides variables for use in custom forms, email templates, etc. that let you merge specific customer or loan data in order to make them more specific. This article provides a list of available variables and a brief explanation of each one. loan-id – This is the identification number of […]

Template Logic

General LoanPro uses the Blitz template engine for custom forms. Blitz allows you to use logic in your custom forms to include or exclude sections of the form based on loan or customer data. For example, you could include an extra line in a bill if the customer was past […]

Supported Browsers

General LoanPro does not support all browsers and browser versions. Although we are working to add support for other browsers, currently we only support the following: Google Chrome version 48.0.2564 and higher

Documentation Updates March, 2017

Using formatting functions with array variables. Added date formatting function. New payment profile interface. New credit interface. Interest bearing recurring charge instruction. New shortcut options. Collector Queue multiple user update. Connections integration instruction.