Activate Loan Vs. Active Status Loan

General Due to the complexity of the LoanPro system, there may be similar terminology that is applied to very different concepts. One particular circumstance that may cause confusion is the difference between an “Active” status loan and an “Activated Loan.” LoanPro lets you customize your loan statuses, but one of the […]

API – Customer Transaction Warnings

General When creating new customers, along with a few other entities, you may get a transactional warning response. A transactional warning is a warning of the possibility that duplicate or inaccurate data is being entered into the system. In the case of a customer, transactional warnings will be received if any […]

Programming Suggestions VS Custom Programming

General Often LoanPro customers will want the software to change in a way that will better suit their business. Usually these changes require a fair amount of work on the part of the LoanPro programming staff. There are two ways in which changes to the software can be requested by customers. […]

Payment Processing

General This article gives information on how payments are processed though credit/debit cards, ACH/EFT, and NACHA files. The article will make reference to the diagram to give a clearer picture of what is happening when payments are processed. Payment Submission Payments can be submitted manually, as automatic payments, through the API, and through the […]

API – Error Responses

General LoanPro has made an effort to standardize the error responses that are returned by the API. Error responses all have a format that is similar to the following: { “code”: “401-CN0001”, “message”: “Unauthorized”, “context”: { “ip”: “”, “uri”: “/authorize”, “user_id”: 1, “errors”: [“Reason 1”, “Reason 2” ] } } The values […]

Extra Towards Mapping

General In LoanPro, when a payment is applied, you have the option to decide how the portion of that payment that exceeds the amount due on the account will be applied. Not all options for applying this “extra” amount are available for both interest application types. This article covers what happens to the extra-towards […]

Change PCI Wallet Accounts

General It is possible to change which PCI Wallet account is associated with your LoanPro account. However, it is important to note that all of your customers’ payment profile data is saved in PCI Wallet and will not be accessible if you use a different PCI Wallet account. This means you won’t […]

Add a NACHA Processor

General You can use the LoanPro interface to add a NACHA processor to your PCI Wallet account. Using NACHA files is a way to submit payments to payment processors that don’t have an API. A NACHA file is a payment file that is formatted in the way banking systems are set up […]

Template Math

General LoanPro provides some basic functions that can be used to perform basic mathematical operations. To use one of these function, you will need to know the function name and the parameters it takes. This article will cover the names and parameters of each function and show an example of how […]

Formatting Functions

General This article will cover the use of functions to format merged values in your templates inside LoanPro. Formatting functions can be used in the following things: Custom Forms Email Tool Trigger and Event Emails. Payment Receipt Payment Authorization Note that formatting functions can’t be used in SMS message templates because […]