Event Based Notifications – Webhooks

General Webhooks make it possible to send information to any URL. Event-based webhooks let you send information every time one of the LoanPro events occurs. This is most used to notify applications programmed by customers when events occur in LoanPro. Setting Up a Webhook To set up a webhook, navigate […]

Merchant Processor Groups

General A merchant processor group lets you assign a group of processors to a loan. This group specifies, for some or all payment methods, which processor should be used to process payments. Merchant processor groups are designed to help companies process payments and send payment funds to the correct bank […]

Agent Dashboards

General LoanPro lets you create dashboards and assign them to agent users. These dashboards can be customized to show information needed by the agents. The dashboard is the first place an agent user is taken upon login to LoanPro. The dashboard can be thought of as the home page of […]

Multi-Factor Authentication

General Multi-factor authentication helps make logging into LoanPro more secure. Multi-factor refers to the need for more than one way to prove that the user should have access to LoanPro. Usually a username and password are used in conjunction with a code that is received through SMS text or using […]

Rules Applied – Account Tools

General The Account Tools rules application lets you automatically use account tools based on rules you enter. This includes account activation, deactivation, archive, and delete. Overview To access Customer Tools rules applied, navigate to Settings > Loan > Rules Applied > Customer Tools inside your LoanPro Account. Add a New […]

Rules Applied – Customer Tools

General The Customer Tools rules application lets you use customer tools based on rules you enter. This includes things like pulling credit, social profile lookup, address verification, and OFAC compliance testing. Overview To access Customer Tools rules applied, navigate to Settings > Loan > Rules Applied > Customer Tools inside […]

Application Styling

General LoanPro provides an application as a way to gather information and create a new loan. Customers sometimes want to control the styling of the application so it better matches their existing website. In order to make this possible, you can add custom CSS styling to the application. This article […]

PCI Wallet Iframe Style

General In order to maintain PCI compliance, applications that are integrated with PCI Wallet are required to use the PCI Wallet iframe. These applications may want to customize the styling of the iframe so it better matches the main application. PCI Wallet offers some custom styling options to make this possible. How […]

Loan Payment Pro

General Loan Payment Pro is one of LoanPro’s integrated payment processors. Through Loan Payment Pro you can accept ACH payments and send funds through ACH. Integration In order to use Loan Payment Pro in LoanPro, you must first enter your Loan Payment Pro account credentials. To do this, navigate to Settings > Company […]