PCI Wallet Iframe Style

General In order to maintain PCI compliance, applications that are integrated with PCI Wallet are required to use the PCI Wallet iframe. These applications may want to customize the styling of the iframe so it better matches the main application. PCI Wallet offers some custom styling options to make this possible. How […]

Loan Payment Pro

General Loan Payment Pro is one of LoanPro’s integrated payment processors. Through Loan Payment Pro you can accept ACH payments and send funds through ACH. Integration In order to use Loan Payment Pro in LoanPro, you must first enter your Loan Payment Pro account credentials. To do this, navigate to Settings > Company […]

Add an ACH Processor

General In order to process payments via ACH, you will need an account with one of our integrated processors. Add Processor To add an ACH processor to PCI Wallet through LoanPro, navigate to Settings > Company > Merchant > PCI Wallet in your company account. Make sure you’re on the Bank […]

Website – Application

General LoanPro offers a customizable application as a way to create new loans in the system. This article will cover using the application on the customer-facing website. Check out the application article to see how to create an application, or how to display it on an outside website. Settings To enable the application on […]

API – Customer-Facing Website Dedicated Login Page

General Through the API you can easily create a dedicated login page or add a login are to an existing website. To view a Plunkr example, click here. How To To log the user into the customer-facing website, first send the user credentials to the following endpoint: /api/public/api/1/tenants(1)/customers/authenticate The payload should […]


General LoanPro provides a way to create a custom loan application. This application is a way to create a new loan. There are no decisioning tools associated with the application. Creating an Application To create an application, navigate to Settings > Loan > Setup New Loan > Application inside your […]

Event Based Notifications – Mail House

General Mail-house, event-based notifications are notifications that, when triggered, will mail out a physical notification. The notification is sent by Connections to a company that prints the notification, places it in an envelope, and mails it to the customer. How To To set up an event-based, mail-house notification, navigate to Settings […]

Mail House Tool

General The mail-house tool lets you send mailers from LoanPro Software to your customers. How To To add customers as mail-house recipients, navigate to the Loan Manager and either select individual loans or a group of loans that you want to send to the mail-house tool. To send an individual loan, […]

Mail House Templates

General Mail house templates are template mailers that you can choose to automatically send out through LoanPro Software. The mailers are sent through our Connections platform and the service includes printing the mailer, putting it in an envelope, adding a stamp, and sending the mailer to the customer’s address. How To […]